Saturday, April 19, 2014


The debut of WCWC on KPDX (49 on antenna, 13 on cable) will be Saturday night May 24 at midnight.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WA State House Bill 2573 #LegalizeWrestling

Fans in Washington State may be interested in reading more about a bill currently in the House which would force the Department of Licensing to conduct a review on whether or not pro wrestling in the state needs to be regulated. The incredible expense of complying with state regulations is why there is very little pro wrestling in Washington state.

Link to the House bill:

Link to a Facebook group supporting the bill:

Upcoming Events

Sunday 4/20 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles Lodge, 6 PM

Saturday 4/26 - ASW in Cloverdale, BC @ the Fairgrounds, 7:30 PM (Tommy Dreamer & Moondog Manson v Kyle Sebastian & Collin Cutler)

Sunday 4/27 - PNPW in Astoria, OR @ Astoria Event Center, 5 PM

Sunday 4/27 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles Lodge, 6 PM

Friday 5/2 - ECCW in Kelowna, BC @ Rutland Centennial Hall, 7:30 PM (Val Venis)

Saturday 5/3 - WCWC in Portland, OR @ Bob White Theater, 12 PM and 5 PM (T.V. Taping)

Saturday 5/3 - ECCW in Cloverdale, BC @ the Fairgrounds, 7:30 PM (Val Venis v Nelson Creed and a War Games match)

Sunday 5/4 - WCWC in Salem, OR @ Houck Middle School, 5 PM (Legacy title: Jeremy Blanchard v Big Duke and Johnny Fairplay appearing)

Sunday 5/4 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles Lodge, 6 PM

Saturday 5/10 - DOA in Portland, OR @ E. Portland Moose Lodge, 6 PM (3 Stages of Hell for the PNW title: Exile v Dr. Kliever and 3-way DOA title match: Jeremy Blanchard v Ethan HD v Kenny Lush)

Saturday 5/10 - ECCW in Vancouver, BC @ Russian Community Centre, 8 PM

Sunday 5/11 - BCW in Portland, OR @ N. Portland Eagles Lodge, 6 PM

Monday, April 14, 2014

ECCW results - Vancouver, BC 4/12/14

ECCW "Seek and Destroy" @ the Russian Community Centre

1) ECCW champ Ravenous Randy Myers def. Bishop

2) Canadian champ Tony Baroni def. Brandy Malibu

3) John Atlas def. Karl Cunningham

4) Artemis Spencer def. Alex Plexis

5) Hellion Reaper def. Scotty Mac

6) Sid Sylum, Jordie Taylor, & Daniel Adonis def. Kenny Lush, King of the Yukon, & Andy Bird

7) The Bollywood Boys def. Tag Team champs Ethan HD & Mike Santiago in a steel cage match to win the title

WCWC results - Salem, OR 4/12/14

WCWC @ Houck Middle School

1) Ashton Vuitton def. Causmo

2) Jonas Albert Robinson def. ?

3) Grappler #3 Erik Baeden def. Nate Andrews

4) Adam Pearce def. TKO Cody Smith via DQ

5) The Hobo def. Dr. Kliever

6) Eric Right & Dan Joseph def. Johnny Yuma & Freddie Bravo

7) Big Duke def. Legacy champ Jeremy Blanchard in a non-title match

Next show in Salem is 5/4 with Duke v Blanchard for the Legacy title and Johnny Fairplay appearing

BCW result - Portland, OR 4/13/14

BCW @ N. Portland Eagles Lodge

Tony Stetson def. BCW champ Lonestar to win the title

DOA results - Portland, OR 4/13/14

DOA "No Remorse" @ the East Portland Moose Lodge

1) Draven Vargas def. Psydsho

2) Pure champ Nate Andrews def. Mike Santiago

3) Dr. Kliever & Derek Drexl def. Josh Alexander & Nick Radford

4) Kellen Raeth won a 4-way match over Quiz, Ricky Gibson, and CJ Edwards to become the #1 contender for the Pure title

5) Jeremy Blanchard def. DOA champ Big Ugly to win the title

6) Jonas Albert Robinson def. Eric Right

7) PNW champ Exile def. Pugsley via DQ

8) Wade BY GOD Hess def. J_SIN Sullivan

Next show - 5/10 @ the E. Portland Moose Lodge with Exile v Dr. Kliever in a 3 Stages of Hell match for the PNW title